John D getting a little extra hunting time in after setting up stands and feeders. 11/04/2017 .

Bobby Mullendore & Kyle Woolet enjoying the Stars win.

"Big shout out to AFSAT today! Special thanks to its staff Kyle and Javis for putting on a great hunt today. It was my first hunting trip. This is an outstanding program, I would recommend both for novice and experienced hunters. Both Kyle and Javis were very informative and knowledgeable. Provided a good field lunch too! I look forward to more upcoming events."

1SGT Johnston, Retired Army.

Dove Hunt

Even critters big and small are dropping buy. Down & Out Blinds do it again. Check out our Sponsors page.

Our NEW Down & Out Blinds are in place and looking good.

Javis DeMeulenaere, Jacob Silva and Doug Johnston rest after an exciting day of turkey hunting. We appreciate the opportunity to hunt with these great guys. 

Doug & Kyle working the booth at #NorthTexasGivingDay on the Square in Denton. 09/14/2017

Congratulations to Erin Cunningham, son of Bruce Cunningham, on his first deer. 01/13/2018

Armed Forces Sportsmen's Association of Texas

Scoping in on a hog.... or 2?

Bruce Cunningham with son Erin and John DeMeulenaere, take a break after an exciting day of deer hunting. We appreciate the opportunity to hunt with these great guys.

Doug Johnston with 2 more firsts...

It was a great game with great people.  It was a pleasure to meet everyone who came out to the ballpark. Looking forward to future activities with all of ya'll...

Dove Hunt 10/2016

"Thank you for the great hunting today. What a wonderful organization and group of men."

Airman First Class Jacob Silva, Air Force

Thanks to Rudy's Bar-B-Q for hosting a post game meal.

We Honor Our Hero's

Past, Present  and Future

Doug Johnston with his first Tom Turkey.

Doug Johnston receives his turkey mount from our successful spring 2016 turkey hunt.

Butch K getting an early start on the dove hunting season.  09/01/2018

Jacob Silva patiently waiting....

Andrew Stillwagon sending some lead down range @ Eagle Gun Range.

Night out at the Dallas Stars game. 12/17/2016


A wonderful evening at the Frisco Rough Rider game.

Choices, Choices, back at the range. 07/2019

We are looking to make the night out a yearly tradition.