09/21/2020     Near Krum. Morning hunt.   

Lake Ray Roberts Fishing Trips

Men's / Women's 

We are now preparing for the upcoming Indoor/Outdoor 2018-2019 programs. Besides the usual contributions that are necessary to sustain these programs, we are in need of new equipment for our deer lease that these veterans will need while participating in our program. We would like to thank John D. for donating his car, this month. Also, if you would like to volunteer, it is also appreciated. Send funds now (monthly recurring donations accepted) or to donate items contact us at info@afsat.org or 940-222-5262     

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10/19/2020     Near Krum. Morning hunt starts about 6:30. Afternoon hunt available starts about 3:00. (4 spots)

Nov 11-13, 2016 - Montague Co.
Dec 2-4, 2016 - Stephens Co.

Hog Hunts

Deer Hunts

Help Fund Programs for Veterans

Dec 2-3 2019 Montague Co. Full.

Dec 16-17, 2017 Montague Co.

Jan 13-14 2018 Montague Co.

Contact Kyle (940-222-5262) to set up dates for a custom hunt.

04/2021 - Montague/Denton/Cooke Co  

‚ÄčInquire for specific dates and availability for Custom Hunts. 


Rifle:  New Dates (2021) being set up as properties become available.

Dove Hunts

Lake Lewisville Fishing Trips

Armed Forces Sportsmen's Association of Texas


          04/2021 - Montague/Denton/Cooke Co. 1 day hunt (Half/Full)

          Inquire for dates and info. (Canceled)



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Turkey Hunts

Custom Hunts Available