We are now preparing for the upcoming Indoor/Outdoor 2017-2018 programs. Besides the usual contributions that are necessary to sustain these programs, we are in need of new equipment for our deer lease that these veterans will need while participating in our program. We would like to thank John D. for donating his car, this month. Also, if you would like to volunteer, it is also appreciated. Send funds now (monthly recurring donations accepted) or to donate items contact us at info@afsat.org or 940-222-5262     


We Help:   Veterans.

By Doing:  By putting together programs for recreational opportunities.

So That:    They have a chance to continue participating in their favorite

                   sporting and recreational activities.

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Thanks to all of your contributions and help, we are well under way to surpassing last years   ability to serve our Veteran community. We are looking at doubling our programs yearly due         to the demand and for the benefit of all those who have and are serving our Country.    

Armed Forces Sportsmen's Association of Texas

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A Big Thank You for everyone who came out to North Texas Giving Day!

Mission Statement:

Armed Forces Sportsmen's Association of Texas (AFSAT) is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization established to provide men and women of the Armed Forces (past & present) from the State of Texas, a chance to participate in indoor/outdoor sporting and recreational opportunities. With the support from Texans, Businesses, Outfitters, Professional Sports Teams, Land Owners, Sponsors and Donors, AFSAT will acknowledge veterans and active duty personnel from all branches of the Armed Forces. Our goal is to help as many veterans (disabled/non-disabled), who enjoy indoor/outdoor sports to continue their participation in their favorite sporting activity.


Gainesville's annual Veteran's Day Commemoration.

Help Fund Programs for Veterans

The CAF Airpower Museum in Midland, TX.

Denton County Veterans Memorial in Denton, TX.